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We offer tournament organizers guidance on how to obtain sponsors for the Air Cannon hole. It is incredibly popular with Sponsors – the Air Cannon is the talk of the tournament! It gives great visibility to sponsors.

We help the Tournament Organizers to price the Air Cannon hole appropriately to maximize their fundraising. Our events get over 95% participation!

Meet the Team

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Jay Nomakeo, Founder
Jay Nomakeo is a 32-year truck driver that retired at 55 to pursue his passion for the game of golf. Jay built one of the largest databases of golfers under the tutelage of world-renowned golf marketer Andrew Wood. Over the last 25 years, he has covered professional golf tournaments and has met some of the biggest names in golf.

Zach Williams

Zach Williams, Partner
I was introduced to Golf Tournament Solutions and the Air Cannon when Jay came to a Charity golf tournament that I organize with some friends each year. We hit it off right away and began working on a plan to take the business nationwide. We have had a blast doing it! I am the worst golfer of the group but really enjoy the game - especially when my tee shot is taken with the Air Cannon!

Frank Castro

Frank Casto, Partner
I have been building “toy” launchers at a local shop in Ohio for over 30 years. I started with potato guns and air cannons and eventually experimented with modifying existing valves in 1992.

I put together a team to develop a soft foam rocket launcher for Paintball, a T-shirt Launcher, and then a record-setting, 1,100-yard, all-metal, Golf Ball launcher.

I went on to pursue a 'Perfect' golf ball launcher. Today, GTS and I have several patents related to the air cannon.

Brookes Townsend

Brookes Townsend, Partner

Court Townsend

Court Townsend, Partner

Golf Tournament Solutions History

In 2018 we were asked to provide an on-course contest that no other event had. After searching the Internet, we discovered the air cannons and purchased the equipment. At our first event, golfers loved shooting a golf ball over 300 yards to the green.

Over the years, we constantly worked on improving the air cannon from cheap PVC construction to what it is today, a high-grade, lightweight air cannon that is better than anything in the marketplace.

Today, we are expanding nationwide through Licensing Contracts as well as hiring Territory Managers and Event Reps throughout the Country.

Golf Tournament Solutions History
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