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What Is A Golf Cannon
aka: Golf Ball Launcher?

Our golf ball cannon can launch a golf ball over 400 yards and is primarily used by charity golf tournaments to raise money on one hole.

All cannons are not alike...

Golf Tournament Solutions Golf Air Cannons are the best in the industry for safety, distance, and accuracy. Our Patented Cannons have a Progressive Parabolic Curved Barrel Employing the Fibonacci Sequence. This special barrel makes the cannons much more accurate and safer than Straight Barrel Cannons. Our Cannons are made of all Metal and are shatterproof. Be aware that many Companies in the industry are using PVC or Plastic Cannons which can be dangerous.

How Can I Use The Golf Air Cannon To Raise Money At My Event?

  1. Most tournaments seek a sponsor to cover the cost of having GTS and the Air Cannon at the event. Sponsors love this hole because most participants have pictures or videos taken when they are shooting the Cannon. Sponsor Signs can be prominently displayed so they are captured in the photos and videos.
  2. Most tournaments charge $10 to $20 per participant who uses the Cannon. Most events have 95% player participation. Large tournaments can raise thousands of dollars with the Air Cannon!

How Does The Golf Cannon Hole Work At Our Tournament?

  1. Golf Tournament Solutions carefully selects the hole with the help of Course Staff and the Tournament Organizer by identifying the safest hole on the course. We generally setup on a Par 4 or 5.
  2. We setup our signature Tent, Table, and Air Cannon.
  3. Most tournaments have a closest to the pin contest. This can be done on both a Par 4 and Par 5. For Par 5s the hole is positioned around 400 yards from the tee box in the fairway.
  4. We also offer an optional Hole-In-One Contest!  We have Holes-In-One on a regular basis throughout the season!
  5. Players pay to shoot the cannon under our supervision, and they use the cannon shot as their drive. If all four players participate, they are guaranteed a 15-foot putt for eagle.
  6. We can tailor our services to your event – the processes above are most common but we are flexible to meet your needs and wants.

The Benefits of Our Golf Cannon

Accurate & Fun

Our Golf Cannons are the most accurate of any in our industry because of our Patented Parabolic Curved Barrel. No other cannons come close. That means more shots on the green and more fun for everyone.

Guaranteed to Increase Donations

No single on-course game raises more money than the Golf Cannon. Our average participation is over 95%, with more than half of our events at 100%.

Safe To Use

Our Golf Cannon is extremely safe to use. One of our Golf Cannon professionals is with you every step of the way to ensure that the use of the cannon is safe for you and others on the course.

Flat Fee Pricing

Our flat fee pricing maximizes the profits of the events we serve. Our goal is to make sure you maximize your donations while having a BLAST!


For a very small fee, you can get hole-in-one insurance for the golf cannon hole if we are shooting to a green. The cost is $99 and if someone gets a hole-in-one with the golf cannon the player gets a $1,000 gift cart of their choice. We have Holes-In-One on a regular basis throughout the season, with our longest being 393 yards!!!

Speeds Up Pace of Play

The Golf Cannon helps to speed up the pace of play because every group will immediately advance to the Green or around 400 yards.

Partner With The Best

Golf Tournament Solutions is America’s number one Golf Cannon company for safety, distance, accuracy, value and pricing.

Great For All Players

Our Golf Cannon is very lightweight. It has very little recoil and is very quiet. We have had all age brackets successfully use our Golf Cannon from age 12 to 96!

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Why Do I Need The GTS Golf Cannon For My Next Tournament?

Every golf tournament organizer is looking for the next best contest for their event, and the air cannon more than fits the bill.

Players will be talking about the golf cannon long after the event is over.

The golf cannon hole is always the easiest to get a sponsor because of its popularity.

Why Golf Tournament Solutions vs. The Others?

The differences are numerous.

  • Price – We charge a Flat Fee. Most companies charge a Fee plus they take 50% of the proceeds collected on the Golf Cannon Hole. Some charge over $2,000 per event.
  • Our Cannons – Our Golf Cannons are the Longest, Safest, and Most Accurate in the Industry.
    • Our Patented Cannons have a Progressive Parabolic Curved Barrel Employing the Fibonacci Sequence. This special barrel makes the cannons much more accurate and safer than Straight Barrel Cannons.
    • Our Cannons are very quiet and have very little recoil. They are great for all ages!
    • We do not use Straight Barrel Cannons. Straight Barrel Cannons require a special golf ball to go straight, but still often end up 100 yards left or right of the landing area.
    • We do not use PVC or Plastic Air Cannons. PVC or Plastic Air Cannons can Shatter and are not safe to use.
    • Our Cannons are designed to land the ball prior to the green and run to the hole. Most of our Competitors must land the ball directly on the green causing damage to the green.
  • Full Insured – We are fully insured but have never had an insurance claim in all our years of service.
  • Safety - We have the highest safety and training standards in the industry.

How Far Does The Golf Cannon Shoot A Golf Ball?

Using our Patented Parabolic Curved Barrel Golf Cannon, we have shot the ball over 435 yards with only 127 PSI. Our Cannon is very accurate at all distances. The air pressure of the cannon can be adjusted to accommodate holes of different yardages.

What Golfers Say About The GTS Golf Cannon

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